Paperless Enrollment

With paperless communication, you can manage your account online. All your statements, letters and other important information will be stored for your review, and we will let you know when something needs your attention. Signing up is easy; you can do it in your communication settings under your account. You can cancel your paperless enrollment and resume receiving paper statements in your mail any time.


Your monthly bill will be mailed approximately two weeks before the due date. If for some reason you don't receive one, please don't delay your payment. Either make a convenient online or phone payment, or mail us a check with your loan number written on it and send to the appropriate payee and address listed below.

Pay to: USAA Federal Savings Bank c/o Nationstar

Mail to:
USAA Federal Savings Bank
c/o Nationstar
P.O. Box 650660
Dallas, TX 75265-0660

Please call 855-430-8489 with any questions about payments.

Statement Breakdown

We've done our best to simplify your monthly billing statement while including all vital information.

Here are the major things you need to know on each statement:

1) Contact Information

This gives you our Customer Service number and office hours, as well as your loan number, payment due date and the amount due.

2) Account Information

This will tell you your principal balance, escrow balance and your current interest rate.

3) Explanation of Amount Due

A breakdown of your payment, showing the amount for principal, interest and escrow. If there are optional items, late payments or other fees, they will be shown here as well. Please click herefee schedule (PDF) (Opens a new window) to see our complete fee schedule.

4) Lender Paid Expense Summary

The total amount paid since your last statement and year-to-date for principal, interest, escrow and any other fees and charges.

5) Past Payment Breakdown

Any expenses paid by USAA that are required to secure your loan and keep it in good standing. These could include legal fees, maintenance or inspection costs, escrow fees and other mortgage-related items.

6) Transaction Activity

A description of all your payment activity since your last statement.

7) Important Messages

Information on products and programs that might be of interest to you.

8) Payment Coupon

The detachable portion at the bottom of the statement. It lists your loan number, the amount due and the amount due if outside the grace period. If you pay by mail, you send this portion in with your payment.


If you think you’ve missed a billing statement, here are a few possible explanations.

(Remember, if you sign up for Paperless, you’ll never worry about a statement getting lost in the mail!)

Bankruptcy Accounts

We send monthly statements to accounts that are in active bankruptcy (subject to certain limitations under federal law). This includes accounts that have received a discharge order from a bankruptcy court. If you wish to no longer receive a monthly statement, please send a written request to the appropriate address below. The appropriate address is also included in the monthly statement under the “Important Messages” box.

If the account is in a pending bankruptcy status, the address is:
PO Box 613287
Dallas, TX 75261

If the account is in a discharged bankruptcy status, the address is:
PO Box 610788
Dallas, TX 75261

To resume delivery of your monthly statements, you must do so in writing to the same address. Please be aware that we cannot resume delivery of monthly statements if delivery was halted by an order of a bankruptcy court.

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